The Bottola Food

Published Date: Saturday, 27 February, 2016 | By: Hasanuzzamil Mahedi

Bottola, the central & crowded place of Jahangirnagar University, situated at in front of Moulana Bashani hall is a place full of life. Morning tomidnight adda and gossiping of the students and the tourists keep this place full of enthusiasm and lively.

Though this place called Bottola, there is no baneyan tree. You will see many rain trees on the bank of the pond beside Bottola.

The most attractive side of this Bottola is cheap and testy quality food. On this Bottola more then 25 food shop/ hotel providing quality foods to the students and the tourists in very cheap rate. Daily more than 3000 students take their food here. Bottola food is very known and favourite to the tourists for it's taste and freshness. Vorta/ dish of boiled vegetables is the most special along with fresh curry and vegetable, which is very scared in Dhaka. More then twenty types of vorta/ dish of boiled vegetable made here for the customers.

A tourist from Dhaka says, "The food of here is very interesting, specially the vortas and green vegetables. I like it very much. Often I come here at JU campus in my holidays and take launch here."

Owner of the hotel KFC( Kader food centre) Kader vai told that they are try to serve best quality and interesting food for the customers, and make different types of tasty and interesting items to attract the customers of the campus and tourists come from out of the campus.

If you interested, can visit bottola and take the taste of the interesting food. You are welcome to Bottola.