Unveiled story of life

Published Date: Saturday, 27 February, 2016 | By: Faijullah Wasif

‘When I am in such type of environment, I can think and dream better. When I am out of this, I can’t. It’s all about impossible, a day without having unlimited fun and jocks. We discuss about the past, present and future of our country, neighbors, relatives and mates also. The discussion is routine less, but almost not aimless we think.’ Mostofa Wahid Saikat a Student of honors final year and try to come on spotlight of an informal meeting (Adda), comment on the topic.

It may be career, movies, songs, debate, sports or aspiring something but almost all cases human being is most important factor to discuss in an informal meeting (Adda). That’s way, when you are in an informal meeting (Adda) with friends men or women would be the best topic for respective opposite sex in common. Normally, we accustomed with this type of habits.

We used to discuss about the hidden story of life including enjoyment and sorrow. It’s a time of pleasure, but a source of creation and innovation as well. In general, some of us think about the informal meeting that wasting time is not good at all. But almost all of the students think, this is a way of inspiration or being close each other that helps to know more and create affection, love or aware to take care among friends.

Feelings sharing create trust by making a continuous informal meeting (Adda) that leads a lifelong relationship, gathering within the group.

Without gossiping or spending time with each other friendship is fragile and then it leads to a misunderstanding. Understanding is the factor of factors to make a relationship more strong. So, somehow we have to engage with the friends in both formal and informal way. But informal way is the stronger than formal one. Sometimes there is no way to be formal though friends are college, official or like something.

In campus, ‘Adda’ is very reasonable wing of leisure; we used to make such type of informal meeting without schedule or without having a good topic also. Pre planed schedule of informal meeting sometime takes whole night or day as well.

Friends also try to enjoy the night which is illustrated by moon, moonlight night have a specialty with classical songs. If you can enjoy such type of night it would be a golden memory of life when you will sit to recall of student life in the future.

It usually takes place in your campus, like; Sahid minar areas, tea stall, food court, renowned circle, marking a sculpture or central library premises.

The rhythm of campus life will be restricted if the informal meeting (Adda) doesn’t take place in nature and the campus life will be also paralyzed without having a close friend usually appear in the day to day discussion or gossiping. The campus life, specially the life in residential hall of campus is the full of scatter dreams and the informal meeting that leads life to be more hilarious and colorful. It’s sure if you are a residential student, you will seriously miss the dormitory life. All of the students come from different background, but have become life a family making a longer lasting informal relationship.